Once again it is time to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. This past weekend I printed out IRS form 1040 and worked through it to see how I stacked up this year. Being single without any dependents and not owning a business or doing a lot of things that would make my taxes messy, I’ve got a comparatively easier time than some of my friends when it comes to filling out IRS paperwork. After an hour or two of reading, calculating, and filling out forms, I concluded that I’d be getting a decent tax refund this year. Next weekend I’m going to go back and double-check my work before submitting my tax return to the IRS, but it’s heartening to know that I’ll likely be getting some money back from Uncle Sam this year. Of course, once I’m done with federal taxes I’ll then have to move on to state taxes, but those are never as complicated as the federal ones. Hopefully I get a tax refund from the state too; I’ve already had some unexpected expenses this year and a little extra money would be helpful.

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