Tomorrow I’m going to publish a writing piece on the game Knack and I need to tell you something important before I do so. What you need to know is that tomorrow’s post will be completely nonsensical. To explain why I’m doing this, let me first detail my history with Knack and then I’ll give you my serious thoughts on the game before.

Knack holds the distinction of being the very first PS4 game I ever played. As I wrote in a post back in 2016, I came across Knack at a PS4 kiosk in a Best Buy and played it for ten minutes before leaving. Since then I felt a strange sense of duty to play Knack, even though I’d read reviews of it and knew it wasn’t that great of a game. I kept the thought of playing Knack at bay for a long time, however last month Knack was one of the free games available for PlayStation Plus subscribers and I realized that there was no more running away from it. I downloaded the game, started it up a few days later, and thus began my act of penance.

Knack is not that good of a game. I’d probably score it roughly 5.5 out of 10. Knack is a 3D action-platformer that stars Knack, a sentient relic from an ancient civilization that helps humanity defend itself from attacks by goblins and other foes. While Knack has decent visuals and audio, no major gameplay bugs, and is free of any performance issues, it’s just not very fun. The gameplay, though serviceable, is not all that enjoyable. Boss fights in particular are very annoying, and the game’s less than stellar checkpoint system means you’ll have to replay entire frustrating sections of the game should you fail them. As for the story, I honestly couldn’t tell you much about it other than the basic premise. In order to make my time with Knack more bearable I turned down the volume on my TV and got caught up with a number of podcasts that I had been meaning to listen to. Truth be told, I don’t think I missed out on much.

With all of that out of the way, now let me tell you why I’m going to do an unserious writing piece about Knack. The reason for this is because Knack has become something of a meme unto itself in the PlayStation community. People like to joke about Knack being a great game, even though everyone knows it isn’t. In that spirit, tomorrow’s writing piece will praise Knack to the high heavens. Because it’s going to be intentionally silly it won’t be part of Late to the Party, and I’m going to keep to it on the shorter side. Hopefully you find tomorrow’s post humorous, but even if you don’t it won’t take much of your time.

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