I won’t be returning to Japan or Korea this year, but I’m already starting to think about a possible future trip in 2019. Being that far out, it’s near impossible to plan many details of such a journey, so at the moment I’m just thinking about the approximate time of year I’d be there. Winter and summer are both out of the question; I would not survive the heat and humidity of either the Japanese or Korean summers, and winter would be too inconvenient since I’d have to schedule around things like Thanksgiving and Christmas. That means spring and autumn are my two viable options. Spring could be cool if I’m there during cherry blossom season, though I’d have to deal with higher prices and more crowds. Autumn would have the advantage of smaller crowds and being around for when all the trees change colors, but there also might not be as much going on in terms of cultural festivals and whatnot. Of course, a lot could happen this year and it might turn out that 2019 won’t work either for a return to Asia. Any trip to Japan or Korea is a long way off, so for now any thoughts on it are just dreams and speculation.

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