Continuing yesterday’s post on figuring out hashtags on Instagram, the other two things I’m engaged in to try to get better at social media are what I’m doing on Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook I’ve decided that each Friday I’m going to post one of my old writing pieces and call it the Friday Flashback. With six years of work already in the bag, I’ve got quite the selection to pick from and should have plenty of good writing pieces to use for the at least the rest of this year. Side stories from Europe 2012, Europe 2015, and Asia 2017 in particular will appear often. I don’t expect a lot of my Facebook friends to read these Friday Flashbacks—the main point of doing this is to get more comfortable with self-promotion. On Twitter I’m doing something similar in that I’m tweeting out recently published posts that I think are notable, such as new entries in Late to the Party. I’m also tweeting screenshots that I take while playing games and using the appropriate #PS4share hashtag. Much like with Facebook, I’m not expecting to get much exposure with these tweets, given that practically no one follows me on Twitter, but I just want to get used to doing it.

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