I’ve been on three extended overseas journeys—all of them by myself. Though I met plenty of people in hostels and there were a few rare occasions where I partnered up with a person I met for half a day, my travels have been almost exclusively solo. In fact, I think the last time I went on a journey with another person was back in 2011 when two friends and myself did a road trip from Colorado to Seattle. Am I antisocial? Maybe a little, but I think the main reason why I’ve always gone by myself over the past six or so years is firstly because I’m not married, and secondly because all of my friends either have jobs that don’t allow them to take more than a week or two off, or they have families that require their attention. Simply put, even if I wanted company there’s no one available.

That’s not to say I’m opposed to having a companion with me when I travel. It could be great to share the sights and experiences of travel with someone else, and all the occasions in the past that I temporarily partnered up with another person I had a good time. I’m thinking it would be a good life goal to one day do one of these journeys with someone else. First, I’ll have to find them.

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