Five years ago one of my very first post-Europe 2012 writing series was birthed with the creation of A Taste of Boulder—a writing series wherein I talked about restaurants in Boulder that I liked to go to. There were only five entries across two months in the series but for years I’ve been meaning to add a new addition to it. Today that 5-year streak ends and I’m proud to publish the latest entry in A Taste of Boulder with this writing piece on an Indian restaurant called Curry N Kebob. Please keep in mind that A Taste of Boulder is not about giving formal or extensive restaurant or food reviews, but rather is just me giving a short recounting if places I like to eat at.


Located just north of the intersection of 28th and Valmont, Curry N Kebob is one of those restaurants that I don’t go to often, but I enjoy every time. Partly this is because I only go there to have a long lunch with close friends, and partly because the food is really high quality. If the meals didn’t cost as much as they do I’d go there regularly on my own.


As you might guess from the name, Curry N Kebob primarily serves Indian foods but also has other offerings from across South Asia. Most of the menu is stuff I don’t like, but the items that I do like I am a big fan of. Lamb, in particular, seems to be something that Curry N Kebob does really well. The lamb korma and lamb malaya that Curry N Kebob serves are both outstanding, and when either are served along with rice, naan bread, and a drink they make for a very delicious and very filling meal. Yes, that meal costs about $18.00—hence why I don’t eat at Curry N Kebob all the time—but Curry N Kebob is a restaurant where I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth and oftentimes the meal leaves me full enough that I’m good for the rest of the day (keep in mind that I’m only 5’7”, so big guys probably won’t share my feelings of being completed stuffed). The various types of naan bread offered at Curry N Kebob are also great, as is the chai. I can’t say too much more about the menu due to my notoriously narrow food palate, but I can say that everyone I’ve brought to Curry N Kebob has loved it. If you like Indian food then Curry N Kebob is definitely a place worth checking out, and I think you’ll quickly understand why it’s become a popular lunch and dinner spot in North Boulder.


That will do it for today’s entry in A Taste of Boulder. Currently I don’t live in Boulder, so I don’t frequent the city’s restaurant scene like I used to, and consequently I have no idea when the next edition will be published, if ever. Still, I’m glad a new post in the series finally got published. This has gotten me thinking maybe I should look back to my earliest writings and see if there are any other old posts or series in need of resurrection.

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