Author’s Note: I haven’t written anything about my writing project in a long time, so I decided I’d dedicate this week to sharing some tidbits of what I’ve been up to with it.

There are a number of important events in my story that I’m having trouble placing in the overarching timeline (or at least, I think they’re important). A possible solution to this problem would be to use flashbacks further down in the story to tell about those events. There’s one event in particular that I’ve recently realized needs to be told in a flashback, but for the others I’m really hesitant to use this storytelling technique, partly because it’d be easy to overuse flashbacks, and partly because flashbacks can be tricky to nail and I don’t entirely trust my skill as a storyteller to use multiple ones effectively. Unless I can unlock the secret of flashbacks I’ll need to just do my best and figure out how to get everything into the story’s timeline while maintaining its coherence.

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