It only took me over a month, but I finally saw Black Panther. Normally it doesn’t take me quite this long to see a movie in theaters, but the friend of mine who frequently watches films with me was unavailable all of March and I had agreed to wait until he was able to take a night off. Overall I think Black Panther is a good superhero movie and it’s probably in my personal top five of the Marvel films. By the sheer amount of money this movie has made so far, it looks like I’m not alone in that opinion.

Now that I’ve seen Black Panther, I’m almost ready for Avengers: Infinity War. I say “almost” because there are still two Marvel movies that I’ve not seen: Iron Man 3 and the most recent Spiderman. People have told me that Spiderman is worth seeing while Iron Man 3 can be skipped, so sometime this month I’ll have to see if any friends of mine have a copy of Spiderman that I can borrow for a night.

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