With last year’s trip to Japan and Korea I chose not to publish any travelogue posts online like I had done with my two journeys across Europe. Partly this was to avoid wasting time while I was abroad and partly it was also because I realized that some of my travelogue posts from Europe were kind of boring to read. Lately, however, I’ve been thinking I really ought to publish some sort of travelogue posts detailing each step of my trek through Japan and Korea, and with that in mind I’m going to try to publish one such post each week to this website. The day of the week that each post is published will vary, with longer posts most likely going live on Friday while shorter ones will show up on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m also considering cutting lengthy entries into multiple posts to keep them from being overly long, but I can also see the argument for keeping each locale that I visited as a single post. Last night I finished the rough draft of the Tokyo post and it’s a little over 5,000 words long. I probably won’t make up my mind on whether to split it or not until after I’ve finished editing it. Somewhat related to that last point, I’m going to try to cut down on some of the excess details that weighed down my European travelogue posts and hopefully the end result will be something that’s more enjoyable to the average reader. Also I’ll throw in a photo or two to help the reader better visualize what I’m writing about. The first entry in this new series will be coming this Friday, with the aforementioned story of my first time in Tokyo.

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