Six years ago today I was in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. I was only in Zagreb for a short visit, but I the hostel I was staying in was close to Ban Jelacic Square and I managed to do a fair amount of sightseeing during my short time there. Much of my day in Zagreb was spent walking around the older part of the city, immediately north of Ban Jelacic Square, but I also ventured south for a couple of hours to look around the newer part of town. One of the places I stopped at in the old city was the Dolac Market (pictured) where you’ll find tables loaded up with fresh fruit and vegetables. Downstairs from the outdoor market is an underground market full of meat and cheese, and between the offerings of the two markets you can assemble an impressive picnic lunch. Looking at this photo I do wish I had taken it from a slightly better position, maybe about 10 feet farther forward from where I was standing, but I think it generally captures the liveliness of the place.

In the background of this photo you can see Zagreb Cathedral, which was having restoration work being done on one of its towers when I was there. Even with a few modern towers being constructed in the newer part of town, Zagreb Cathedral is still the tallest building in Croatia and on one of the interior walls you can find an interesting inscription that is written in Glagolitic, an old script that was developed sometime around the 9th Century and stayed in used until the 1800s. Outside the church is the face of an old clock that was stopped at the moment when the 1880 earthquake struck the city.

Along with the Dolac Market and the cathedral, I was able to check out a few other places in Zagreb like St. Mark’s Church, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Naive Art, the Stone Gate Chapel, and the Green Horseshoe area. I was pleasantly surprised to find so much to see and do in Zagreb and made a point to return to it on my next trek across Europe, which happened in 2015.


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