This past weekend I spent most of my time dog and house sitting for a friend of mine. Whenever I stay at another person’s home I have a hard time getting anything productive done, but this weekend I was able to do a little more work on my writing project, in addition to writing out some of the material that’s being published later this week on this website. Progress on the story has been slow lately, primarily because there’s a gap in the plot that I’ve not been able to fill. There’s a period of several hours between two plot points that really feels awkward to leave empty, but in order to add more to the story I’ve had to do exactly that and bypass the gap. I know what happens before the gap and I know what happens after gap; I just don’t know what happens during it. By going around this problem and doing more writing I’m hoping that inspiration will strike and I’ll figure out how to fill this empty space, or maybe I’ll end up rewriting that entire section of the story and the gap will become irrelevant. If nothing else, I suppose I could do some sort of time jump like you see in movies or on TV when the screen goes black and it reads “Five hours later…” or something like that.

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