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Seven years ago this month my friends Doug, Ed, and I set out on a road trip from Colorado to Seattle, Washington. Doug was taking a new job in Seattle and we loaded all of his stuff into two cars and set out from Boulder, Colorado to his new home. Unfortunately we didn’t get all that far before we suffered a small setback. We were driving through the northern part of Colorado with me in the trailing vehicle while Doug and Ed were in Doug’s jeep. I had an audiobook playing on my car’s stereo and everything was going good, until I notice that a chunk of Doug’s jeep broke off and started flapping around in the wind. We both pulled over to take a look and found that part of the covering of the wheel well had become disconnected. Ed made a few attempts to jam it back into position but the covering wouldn’t stay in place. Doug was having a minor freakout when my inner engineer suddenly kicked in and I got an idea for a solution. Going back to my car, I brought out the packing tape we had used to tape up all the boxes we were carrying and with it I fastened the covering back into its proper position. With the problem now solved we continued on our route and when we reached our first gas station stop I took the opportunity to tape up the wheel well covering on the other side of Doug’s jeep, just to be safe. As it turned out, the tape job I did was so strong that it survived both the whole trip and several years of Seattle’s famously wet weather.

The road trip to Seattle is one of the stories that I really ought to write out and publish at some point in the coming months. I didn’t bring a notebook on that journey and my memory is starting to fade a bit, so I should publish what I remember before I lose any more of it. At the moment I’m thinking I’ll do it once I’m done publishing the travelogue posts from Japan and Korea.

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