It’s been a long time coming but my short trip to Italy with my parents is finally about to begin. For the preceding weeks and months my parents and I have been planning this vacation and now those plans are about to come to fruition. We’ve got the travel route mapped, all accommodations have been booked, and we’ve got a decent idea of what we’ll be doing each day. Tonight I’ll do a final double-check to make sure I’ve not forgotten anything important but otherwise all that’s left to do now is to do some last-minute reading and wait for the hour when I leave for the airport.

While I’m gone in Italy I’m going to try to stay fully focused on the trip and I won’t be checking on this website. That said, I’ve got a group of short blog posts loaded and set to publish on my normal publishing days, so there will still be new content going live while I’m overseas. These six posts are all just travel photos with a single paragraph about each of them and you can think of them as miniature versions of what you normally get with my Wayback Wednesday posts.

If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing in Italy the best place to follow me is on Instagram. I’ll probably be posting at least one or two photos each day for you to enjoy.

When I get back from Italy I’m going to be in a weird spot with regards to this website because on one hand I’ll no doubt have stories to tell and photos share, but on the other hand December is normally the month when I publish retrospective posts that look back on the writing I’ve done that year. What may happen is that I’ll publish some photos in a format similar to what I’ve been doing with the Wayback Wednesday series during the first half of the month and then switch over to retrospective posts for the second half of December, and possibly into early January. Once that’s done, however, I’ll then resume publishing Italy 2018 posts.

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