IMG_6845.jpgFlorence is universally recognized as the world capital of gelato. In its historic core you can hardly walk 100 yards in any given direction without running into at least one gelato shop. When I was back in Florence last month I wasn’t able to get gelato as many times as I would have liked due to the fact that I wasn’t traveling solo but I did stop by several shops across the city. Along with a number of new places I also revisited two of my favorite gelato shops to reassess them. As some of you might remember, my overall favorite gelato shop in Florence is a place called La Carraia, which is located on the south side of the Arno River right by the Carraia Bridge. I went to La Carraia twice and can confirm that it’s still a great gelato shop (with large scoop sizes and some of the best prices you’ll find in Florence) but I also revisited the nearby Gelateria Santa Trinita and I have to confess that there might be a challenger to the Gelato Throne of Florence. Santa Trinita’s gelato was outstanding, the scoop sizes were generous, the store itself was surprisingly classy, and its chocolate mousse gelato was a little better than La Carraia’s chocolate mousse, at least in my opinion. Seeing as how I only went to Santa Trinita a single time and sampled a grand total of three flavors I can’t make a strong judgment and thus La Carraia is still sitting pretty on the throne but if I had the time I’d like to go back to Florence and do a thorough comparison between both shops (and others). My waistline would suffer from consuming thousands of calories of gelato but I am ready to take one for the team and see which shop emerges victorious. Let the great gelato war begin!

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