So, what did I learn last year?

Most of 2018 felt very much like a continuation of 2017 with me on cruise control as I steadily wrote and published writing pieces on this website, but there was one big takeaway from last year’s writing. As some of you might remember, I used to publish five days a week on this website but in 2018 I adjusted the publishing schedule to three day a week and this has had a noticeable impact on both quality control and my personal well-being. While there was a certain pride I had in publishing every weekday I have to admit that cranking out five writing pieces per week frequently resulted in at least one of those five writing pieces being filler material that wasn’t up to snuff. I had also reached a point in 2018 where I realized that I wasn’t really gaining anything from maintaining the old publishing schedule and it was causing me unneeded stress and stealing time from other important pursuits. Changing the publishing schedule to three posts per week (except for special occasions like the last two weeks) was the right move to make and it’s gotten me a lot closer to having a strong balance between my writing hobby and the rest of my life. In essence, 2018’s lesson has been to slow down and redistribute my time to keep other areas of my life healthy.

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