01 January Otaru.jpg

If you’ve been visiting this website for a while you’ve likely noticed that each month I try to have a new header image along the top. Each image is a photo I’ve taken sometime during the last decade or so as I’ve traveled across America and the other nations that I’ve had the privilege of visiting. What you see along the top of this website is a cropped version of the photo and starting this year I’ve decided that I’ll publish a post around the start of each month with the full version of the photo and a little bit of context for it. I already do this on my Instagram account but the posts I publish here will have more details about the photos.

For the month of January I’m featuring a photo that was taken in Otaru, Japan. Otaru is up in northern Japan on the island of Hokkaido and I was there in September 2017. I had taken a day trip to Otaru from the city of Sapporo and I captured this photo of the town’s scenic canal as the sun was getting low. For the complete story of my time there please see my post titled Sapporo: Northern Limit and scroll down to the part about Otaru.

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