Florence Italy Via dei Calzaiuoli

After we crossed the Ponte Vecchio we continued north and wound up back on Via dei Calzaiuoli, the street that connects Piazza della Signoria with the area in front of the Florence Cathedral. This is one of Florence’s main shopping streets and it’s completely pedestrianized. During certain times of the year the city will put out lights that hang over the street and make Via dei Calzaiuoli a great place for a nighttime stroll. It’s only about 1,200 feet (366 meters) from the front of the cathedral to the piazza but it’s a very nice stretch of road and there are plenty of other scenic streets branching off of it that are good for continuing your after dark exploration of Florence. If you like gelato you can go crazy in this part of the city, seeing as how there’s at least one gelato shop every 200 feet in any given direction.

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