May 2019 Tarifa Spain

Once again the calendar rolls over to a new month and once again I’ve updated the header image on this website. For the month of May I’m featuring a photo of a sunset in Tarifa, Spain. I took this photo back in October of 2015 during my second journey across Europe. Tarifa is at the southern edge of Spain and if I remember correctly it is also the southernmost point in Europe. I had arrived in Tarifa in the late afternoon and after checking in at my hostel I went down to the beach to catch that last bit of light before nighttime set in. What I captured that day was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen as the sun slowly descended upon the Atlantic Ocean. Reds, pinks, and yellows painted the sky and the shallow pools of water on the beach were like splashes of color on the darkening sands. The town of Tarifa itself is fairly small and doesn’t have a lot to do in it but the sunsets there certainly are spectacular. For the full story of my time in Tarifa, as well as my day trip across the Strait of Gibraltar to visit the town of Tangier in Morocco, see my old travelogue post titled Tarifa & Tangier: The Edge of the World.

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