Washington DC National Mall

I’ve been steadily giving more thought to my possible return trip to Japan and Korea but as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts there’s a fair chance the trip will not happen this year. Unlike 2017, when I had a clear path to my previous journey through Asia, this year has a number of uncertainties around the time I would potentially be traveling. Consequently while scheming the possible trip to Japan and Korea I’ve also been trying to think about a possible backup plan if Japan-Korea 2019 simply doesn’t work out. I’d like to do some sort of travel this year, even if it’s only for a few days.

What I’ve settled on is that if I can’t make Japan-Korea 2019 a reality then my fallback trip will be an extended weekend in Washington DC. I’ve never been to my nation’s capital before so it will be a decent consolation prize if I can’t get out to Asia. What I’m thinking is that I’d spend four or five nights out in DC—probably around the start of October. By then the worst of DC’s muggy weather should be long gone and I’d have a more enjoyable time exploring the city. There are a ton of things to see out in DC and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll manage to snag a spot on one of the White House tours.

My deadline for making a decision on Japan-Korea 2019 is around mid-June, so it won’t be too much longer before I know if I’m heading out to Asia or to DC. Either way I’ll be doing some sort of travel this year.

Washington DC

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