Venice Italy Frari Church
Inside the Frari Church
Venice Italy Frari Church
Choir stalls in the Frari Church
Venice Italy Frari Church
Tomb of Canova
Venice Italy Frari Church
Assumption of Mary painting

The Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, or the Frari Church as I like to call it, is a large brick church that holds a fair amount of Venetian art. Frequently famous pieces of artwork are moved into museums but at the Frari Church all the paintings and sculptures are still in their original spots so you get to see the artwork in its intended habitat. A visit here, paired with a visit to the Doge’s Palace, can also make a trip to Venice’s Accademia Gallery unnecessary since you’ll have already seen a lot of great Venetian art. While inside the church you can also find the graves of several famous Venetians such as the artists Titian and Canova. I think we spent about a half hour inside the church before heading back outside and continuing our tour of Venice.

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