Venice Italy Scuola San Rocco
Outside Scuola San Rocco (on the left)
Venice Italy Scuola San Rocco
The lower level of Scuola San Rocco
Venice Italy Scuola San Rocco
Upper level of Scuola San Rocco

Right around the corner from the Frari Church is the Scuola San Rocco, which is where I took my parents next. The outside of the building is rather unassuming and the interior of the ground level will have you wondering why you paid to get in, but go up the stairs and you’ll see why this place is worth the entry fee. Scuola San Rocco’s upper hall is what is sometimes called Tintoretto’s Sistine Chapel because it’s a large room covered in artwork produced by the artist Tintoretto and his assistants. For those looking to spare their necks from pain, large mirrors are available so that you don’t spend so much time looking upwards. A small treasury room can also be found on the building’s top level but there’s not too much to see in it. We spent a while inside the Scuola San Rocco taking in the sight of that upper hall, however the most notable story from our time there was how my dad accidentally got separated from us on the way out. My dad thought we were leaving when actually my mom went off to check out another part of the building and for ten minutes my dad was waiting around outside while my mom and I were searching all over the building for him. Eventually we determined that he must have left and we stepped outside and were reunited. Whoops.

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