Venice Italy
Moving east and away from the crowds of central Venice
Venice Italy
Large park in southeastern Venice
Venice Italy
Houses along Venice’s fish tail (eastern end)
Venice Italy
Natural gas storage?
Venice Italy
Coming around to the north side of Venice

Once we were done at St Mark’s Basilica—which I unfortunately can’t show much of because photography is not allowed inside there—we took a quick break back at our hotel before boarding a water bus at the San Zaccaria terminal. This boat ride would take us on a long but scenic cruise around Venice’s east end to reach a ferry terminal on the north side. As the water bus moved further east the appearance of Venice steadily changed with the buildings looking a little newer and with a large green space that’s at the tip of the main islands. After a while our water bus rounded the corner of the “tail” of Venice (the main islands sort of look like a large fish) and passed by the entrance to Venice’s old naval yards. Then we came around a corner and started going west along the north shore of Venice. I remember seeing a group of small houses along the water and wondering who lived in this forgotten corner of the city. Further along the north shore we got off at the Fondamente Nove terminal and from there we got on a ferry bound for the island of Murano, farther out north into the Venice Lagoon.

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