Venice Italy
San Salute as seen from the San Marco ferry terminal
Venice Italy Grand Canal
Heading up the Grand Canal towards the train station
Venice Italy Grand Canal
Accademia Bridge
Venice Italy Grand Canal
Continuing up the Grand Canal
Venice Italy Grand Canal
Rialto Bridge
Rialto Fish Market
Rialto Fish Market
Venice Italy Train Station
Boarding our train back to Rome

Back at the hotel we grabbed our bags and then walked over to the San Marco terminal to catch a water bus going up the Grand Canal. We caught the Route 2 water bus and my parents took a seat inside the cabin while I stood in the open-air part of the boat. The water bus took us past a lot of the places we had visited over the preceding days but unlike our first ride down the canal the weather was bright and sunny. At the train station we got off and went inside. Our train arrived on time and we soon found our seats for the long trip south.

As the train pulled out of Santa Lucia Station it really hit me that the journey was almost over. It was now time for us to return to Rome for a final two nights before flying back to America.

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