Venice Italy
Final walk in Venice
Venice Italy
Broader streets and fewer canals in eastern Venice
Venice Italy
Almost like a different city
Venice Italy
Park in eastern Venice
Venice Italy
Time to head back to the hotel

On our final day in Venice we packed up our bags after breakfast and left them at the hotel’s front desk so that we could do one last bit of sightseeing before leaving Venice. From our hotel we went down to the southern edge of city and followed the promenade east to see some of the things we had passed by in the water bus the previous day. This waterside walkway is one of the very few long roads in the city that you can follow without making any turns. Out in Eastern Venice the streets are wider, the buildings aren’t as old, and there are fewer canals. It almost feels like a different city from the rest of Venice and it’s where a large chunk of the local population lives. At an intersection with a post office on it we turned left onto Via Giuseppe Garibaldi to go deeper into the neighborhood. A few stores were open and locals were walking around but it seemed this part of Venice still hadn’t fully woken up yet even though it was about 10:00am. After a little while we turned right to pass through a park that would take us back down to the waterside. The central part of Venice doesn’t have any trees so that park felt like a forest by comparison. When we got down to the water we unfortunately were out of time and had to start making our way back towards the hotel. I wish we could have had another 10 minutes or so to go a bit further east but we were out of luck.

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