Earlier this month I was thinking over what game I should play next and I came to the conclusion that it was finally time for me to dive into Destiny 2. I got the base version of the game for free thanks to my PlayStation Plus subscription and I’ve read online that the game is in a good place now. Before starting Destiny 2, however, I decided I should first spend some time replaying Destiny 1—both to refresh my memory of the old game and to help with the upcoming reevaluation of my personal top 10 PS4/Xbox One games. For the last few weeks I’ve been reacquainting myself in the world of Destiny and today I’ll share a little bit of that journey.

Destiny PS4 Logo

For my replay of Destiny I thought it best to create a new character rather than just mess around with my old one. Previously my character had been a female human warlock, so this time I went with something different and created a male exo titan. Your character’s gender and race have no real impact on how the game plays so the big change for this latest playthrough of Destiny was that I had access to the titan skills and attributes. I do kind of wish that the race options did have some sort of impact on the game’s story—even if it was just slightly different dialogue depending on whether you were human, awoken, or exo—but it’s not that big of a deal.

When I returned to Destiny I was surprised by how many people were still playing it. Certainly the number of players I saw running around was nowhere near the amount that Destiny had at its peak but there were still a decent number of people online. While I didn’t venture into the Crucible (multiplayer) I was still able to quickly find other players to run Strikes with and was regularly running into other players while wandering around the game’s various worlds.

On the gameplay front I was pleased to find that Destiny was just as fun and I remembered it. Destiny even felt kind of fresh, both because I hadn’t gone online in about two years and because my new titan played differently from my old warlock. Developer Bungie has been making games in the FPS genre for over 20 years now and their expertise shows in Destiny.

Visually, Destiny looks about the same as I remember it but on my new TV it seemed just a bit sharper than what I had experienced on my old TV. Of course, that could just be my brain playing tricks on me. What definitely was better about this new Destiny playthrough was the audio. During my first time with Destiny I had been using my TV’s speakers for the game’s audio but these days I have a soundbar that makes everything sound better, particularly the gunfire. You might not think that a modest soundbar like mine would have much of an impact but it makes Destiny (and all other games) a more engrossing experience.

After about twenty to thirty hours I had gotten my titan up to the level cap of 40, having completed the main campaign, run some Strikes and other side activities, as well as played through most of the content from Destiny’s four expansions. I hadn’t quite maxed out one of my titan’s subclasses and part of me is considering putting in the time to get that done. That would push back my start with Destiny 2 but it would mean having more fun with Destiny 1.

Having replayed much of Destiny I’m reminded again why it’s one of my favorite games from the current console generation. The gameplay is awesome, the story is interesting (albeit not well fleshed out), it looks and sounds good, and you get a lot of mileage out of it. Hopefully Destiny 2 is even better and before I depart for Japan and Korea in September I hope to publish an edition of Late to the Party with my report on my experience with the base version of the game. If I like it a lot then when I get back from Japan and Korea I’ll purchase an edition of the game with all the expansions that have been released so far and then write a follow-up post with my thoughts on all the extra content.

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