Our flight out of Rome was around 9:00am so we got up early the next morning and the front desk of our hotel made arrangements for a private cab to take us to the airport. Thankfully we didn’t have any issues getting to our gate and the first leg of our flight brought us to Frankfurt on time. My dad and I still had a few euros between the two of us and we managed to use up nearly all of them at the Frankfurt airport buying some snacks. If I remember correctly we only had ten or twenty cents leftover. When our flight back to America was ready we boarded a four-engine, double-decker plane. This was actually the first time I had ever flown on one of these Boeing 747 jets and during the flight part of me wanted to try sneaking up to the top level to take a look at how the wealthy passengers were flying.

The long flight across the Atlantic gave me a chance to watch some movies I had missed over the past few years and I ended up not really sleeping much at all. When we landed in Denver we all got off the plane together but after clearing immigration and customs we’d be going our separate ways. I’d be catching a bus back to the neighborhood in Colorado where I live but my parents still had one more flight to take them home to San Diego. This had been my parents’ first time outside the United States and I was glad I could come along to help out and serve as something of a guide. After this trip I think they’re now ready to travel abroad on their own should the opportunity arise. As for me, I got some good experience on how well I operate when traveling with others. Solo travel is likely my strong suit but I know now I’m more than capable of journeying with others.

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