08 August Jeju Island

It’s the first day of the month and that means I’ve updated the header image at the top of this website. For the month of August I’m featuring a photo from Jeju Island, South Korea. I visited Jeju in 2017 and on my second day on the island I finished my sightseeing at Hyeopjae Beach, which is located on Jeju’s northwestern coast. It was starting to get dark as I strolled the sands of Hyeopjae and at one point I came across three and a half pairs of footwear had been left on the beach. I glanced around but didn’t see anyone nearby who looked like they might be the owners of these shoes and sandals. While the mystery of the footwear remained unsolved, I thought the view of these sandals and shoes would make for an interesting photo and thus this month’s header image was captured. A while later I remember I was leaving Hyeopjae Beach after the sun had disappeared below the horizon and those shoes and sandals were still sitting there. To this day I’m still curious as to where their owners went.

For the full story of my time on Jeju Island you can read my old travelogue post titled Jeju Island: Life on the Road.

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