It’s going to be a bit longer before I’m ready to start posting photos from this year’s trip to Japan and Korea but today I’ve got something that hopefully will work as a sort of preview. Below is a blank map of Japan and Korea with red dots representing all the places I visited while traveling around both countries. Most of the dots have been labeled but the print is small so you’ll probably need to click on the image to enlarge it and make everything readable.

Japan Korea Map
Click to enlarge

I might have forgotten one or two places, and some of the dots are probably a little off from their actual geographic locations, but otherwise this map gives you a good idea of which sections of Japan and Korea I was in. Hopefully this map whets your appetite for the travel posts that will be coming in a little while. For me this map should be helpful in visualizing where I’ve already been in both countries so that if I’m ever able to return I’ll know what unexplored regions I should try to get to.

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