As promised, I’ve pulled together some random statistics from this year’s trip to Japan and Korea. Enjoy.

Total trip length: 79 days

Number of cities/towns/villages visited: 55

Distance traveled on bicycle: About 77 miles (124 kilometers)

Photos taken: 10,292 (I deleted photos during the trip, so the real total is actually higher than that)

Furthest north location visited: Cape Soya at the northern tip of Hokkaido

Furthest south location visited: Peace Memorial Park on the main island of Okinawa

Castles visited: 20 (this number includes original castles, restored castles, and castle ruins)

Rail passes utilized: 4

Number of train rides on a shinkansen (bullet train): At least 13

Cars rented: 2 (one in Hokkaido and one in Okinawa)

Highest driving speed: around 135-140 kph on the highway in Hokkaido

Pairs of socks destroyed: 4

Gallons of milk tea consumed: It’s probably best not to think about that

Commercials for American pickup trucks seen on TV: 1 (and I felt the need to stand up and salute)

Pages of my travel notebook that got filled up with my writings: 69 out of 70

Days where I got tired of Japan or Korea: 0

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