Japan Nikko Nikkorisou Hostel

Japan Nikko Nikkorisou Hostel

Japan Nikko Nikkorisou Hostel

Normally on this website I don’t feature the places I stay at while traveling overseas, but today I’m making an exception since there’s a story to tell. Both times that I’ve visited Nikko I’ve stayed at Nikkorisou Backpackers Hostel and in 2019 I left my mark on the hostel before leaving. In the main living/dining room the walls and ceiling are being steadily covered with the writings and drawings of past guests and I added my own to an open part of the ceiling near one of the corners. I drew the flag of my home state of Colorado (though I should have used a darker shade of blue) and I wrote:

“I have come here twice. One day I will hopefully come here again. – Ricardo from Colorado, September 2019”

If I’m ever able to return to Nikko and if Nikkorisou is still in business I’ll need to take a selfie of myself with my old writing to show that I was able to keep my commitment.

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