Japan Nikko Ramen Bonten

Japan Nikko Ramen Bonten

Having finished my sightseeing in Nikko, I returned to the central part of town and got a late lunch at a restaurant called Ramen Bonten. I had eaten at Ramen Bonten in 2017 and liked it quite a bit so going there again seemed like a good way to end my time in Nikko. For my meal I had salt pork ramen with some dumplings and a small bowl of rice and buttered beef. Ramon Bonten is located on Nikko’s main road (which I think is highway 119) and while the staff don’t speak much English the menus are dual language Japanese-English so it’s not a problem for people like me that only know a tiny bit of Japanese. Just like 2017, the food was delicious and if I’m ever back in Nikko I’ll probably go there a third time.

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