Japan Sapporo Odori Park

Japan Sapporo Odori Park

Japan Sapporo Odori Park

Continuing my journey north, I took an afternoon train from Hakodate up to Sapporo. Currently the shinkansen line doesn’t extend to Sapporo so the ride took about four hours and I arrived in the city as the sun was going down. By the time I had checked in at my hostel and put my stuff away it was after dark but I wanted to do at least one or two things that night so I walked over to Odori Park, which is pretty close to the center of town. The Sapporo TV Tower was lit blue that night and there were a lot of people roaming around the park, partly because a few of the matches of the Rugby World Cup were being held in Sapporo at the time, and partly because the Sapporo Autumn Festival was also happening. I would be leaving Sapporo the next morning, so that night was my only bit of sightseeing in the city, but I would be returning to Sapporo in five days so I knew I’d have a second chance to see more.

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