Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Autumn Fest

Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Autumn Fest

Every year in September there’s a food festival held in Sapporo called Autumn Fest. During the festival Odori Park is filled with vendors selling food from all over Hokkaido and you could spend a whole hour just checking out the various offerings. 2019’s Autumn Fest ran from September 06-29 and according to the festival’s official website there were about 2,346,000 total visitors. I was there on September 28, the second to last day of the festival. Unfortunately I only have two photos from that night to show you but on the plus side the reason I didn’t take many shots was because I was too busy eating. That night I had some wagyu beef, noodles with lamb, and a cup of cheese and tapioca tea. If you happen to be in Sapporo when the annual Autumn Fest is being held it’s definitely worth checking out.

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