Fives years ago today my second trip across Europe began. For two and a half months I wandered all across Europe, starting in France, then going down to Italy, crossing next to the Balkans, then spending a few days in Istanbul before flying to Spain where I wandered around for several weeks before returning to Paris for my flight back to America. In honor of this anniversary I figured I’d share a few photos from some of the places I visited on that journey.

Europe 2015 Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint-Michel, France
Europe 2015 American Cemetary Omaha Beach
American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, France
Europe 2015 Chateau de Chenonceau
Château de Chenoncaeu, France
Europe 2015 Monaco
Musée Océanographique, Monaco
Europe 2015 Vernazza
Vernazza, Italy
Europe 2015 Siena
Siena, Italy
Europe 2015 Florence
Florence, Italy
Europe 2015 Venice
Venice, Italy
Europe 2015 Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Europe 2015 Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Europe 2015 Mostar
Mostar, Bosnia
Europe 2015 Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
Europe 2015 Madrid
Madrid, Spain
Europe 2015 Segovia
Segovia, Spain
Europe 2015 Tarifa
Tarifa, Spain
Europe 2015 Ronda
Ronda, Spain
Europe 2015 Granada
Granada, Spain
Europe 2015 Cordoba
Cordoba, Spain
Europe 2015 Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Europe 2015 Paris
Paris, France

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