Seoul Korea 32 cm Parfait

Seoul Korea 32 cm Parfait

Seoul Korea 32 cm Parfait

For my final snack in Seoul I got some really tall ice cream in Myeong-dong. On the same road where street food vendors normally set up their stands each day you can find a business called Parfait 32 where they serve ice cream that’s 32cm tall. Each cone costs 2,000 won, which currently is about USD $1.71. This was actually my second time getting ice cream from Parfait 32 (the third photo in this post is from the same night as when I got street food in Myeong-dong) and while it’s not amazing ice cream it was good enough that I felt like I was getting a good value for my money. Also, I love ice cream, so even if it was just ok ice cream I would have been good with it. Once I had devoured my cone I headed back to my hostel to grab my backpack and begin the journey to visit other parts of Korea.

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