Seoul Korea Bus Leaving

I had spent five nights in Seoul but it was now time to leave the city and see other parts of Korea. After grabbing my backpack from my hostel I took the metro down to the Central City Bus Terminal, which is on the south side of the river. When I first exited the nearby metro station I was a little confused because there’s actually more than one bus terminal in the same area as the Central City terminal but with a couple minutes of walking and looking around I found the right building. In Korea the buses between come in three different tiers and I bought a ticket for a middle tier bus to see what it was like. The seats on my bus were nice but after this initial trip I would always buy the lower tier bus tickets since those seats were more than good enough for me.


    1. It’s always bittersweet when leaving one travel destination to head to another. On one hand you’re looking forward to the next part of the journey, but on the other hand you’re sad to leave the previous one behind.


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