Japan Itoshima Salt Factory

Japan Itoshima Salt Factory

Near the western tip of the Itoshima Peninsula I came to a stop at Mataichi Salt Maker, which is also sometimes called the Salt Factory. As you can probably guess by the name, Mataichi Salt Maker is known for selling sea salt and various salt products. My Airbnb host had recommended I visit this place and it seems to be fairly popular with both locals and visitors.

Japan Itoshima Salt Factory

In the rear of the workshop is a pool of saltwater with bamboo branches hung above it. Saltwater from the ocean is pumped into the pool and then for 10 days it is regularly sprayed onto the bamboo. As the water drips down the branches the salt and other minerals in the water become more concentrated and apparently the exposure to the sun and the ocean breeze also improve the flavor of the salt that will eventually be extracted from the water. After the 10 days are completed the saltwater is moved into the workshop where it is slowly boiled for 3 days. During that time the saltwater turns an amber color and starts looking kind of like soup. At the end of the 3 days of boiling is when the salt crystals start to form and they are then removed and put out to dry.

Japan Itoshima Salt Factory

I figured it would be a waste to visit Mataichi Salt Maker and not buy something, so I got myself a small container of salt pudding to eat before hitting the road again. It was very tasty and no doubt it also gave me some energy to help power through the next few hours of cycling.

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