Japan Himeji Arrival

Japan Himeji Arrival

Japan Himeji Arrival

Having left Shikoku behind, I crossed back to the island of Honshu and returned to Okayama where I caught a shinkansen heading east. A littler under half an hour later I arrived in the city of Himeji, where I would be spending a single night. Upon stepping out of the northern entrance of Himeji Station I caught sight of one of the three places I’d be visiting while I was staying the city. Right down the street from me was Himeji Castle, the greatest castle in all of Japan. Before I got to the castle I’d have to drop off my backpack at my hostel and visit one of my other sightseeing destinations in Himeji, but it wouldn’t be long before I climbed up to that imposing tower in the distance. My time in the Kansai region of Japan was about to get off to a big start.

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