Japan Kansai Map Red

With my time on Shikoku over I was back again on Honshu and the next part of my journey would bring me to the region of Kansai. In the map above Kansai has been colored red.

Japan Kansai Map Locales

There were only a few weeks left on my trip but I had still had several of Japan’s most famous destinations ahead of me. While in Kansai I’d be visiting Himeji, Osaka, Nara, Mt Koya, Amonohashidate, Kyoto, and Uji. Each of these spots has been outlined in the map above. Photos and stories from Kansai will start coming next week.

Side note: I also visited Ise Shima, which is in Kansai but I went there as a day trip from Nagoya, so that particular Kansai destination will be featured at a later time.

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