Kanto Map

We’re now down to the last week of my 2019 journey and it was at this point that I finally came back to the Kanto region of Japan. In the map above the Kanto region is colored red.

japan-korea 19 kanto

The weather was bad for many of these final days but I did my best to make the most of it and do as much as I could with the limited amount of time I had. My time in Kanto started in Hakone, and after that I returned to Tokyo for the remaining few days and while I was there I did a trip down to the Kamakura area. Photos and stories from Kanto should start being published either next week or the week afterwards, depending on how busy my schedule gets. It’s been a long journey but the end of my 2019 trip is in sight. Thanks again to everyone who has been following along and hopefully you enjoy this final batch of blog posts.

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