Japan Tokyo Leaving Keisei Skyliner

After nearly 3 months of wandering around Japan and Korea, it was finally time to return to America. My 2019 trip had been an epic one and I desperately didn’t want to leave but my flight home was already booked and I just had to accept that the journey was over. I first rode the subway to Tokyo Station and from there I took the Yamanote Line to Nippori Station where I’d board a Keisei Skyliner train. The Keisei Skyliner is one of the more expensive trains traveling between Tokyo and Narita International Airport but I had more money leftover than I had expected and thus I could afford to splurge a little.

Japan Tokyo Leaving Airlines

At Narita International Airport I put my pocket wifi device in a mail envelope and dropped it off at the airport post office before going through airport security. I got to my gate with time to spare so I bought a few snacks at a convenience store. Soon enough my Japan Airlines flight began boarding and I found my seat near the rear of the place. The flight to San Diego wasn’t eventful, except for the resulting time zone change that meant it was the morning of the same day when I landed on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. That was officially the longest Thursday of my life. After exiting the plane I could really feel that the journey was over. I was glad to be back in America but also sad that my time in Japan and Korea had come to an end.

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