As I continue to expand the scope of the blog, I thought I’d bring in an entry that I had originally posted to another blog. Below is a short entry on a restaurant here in Boulder that I’ve enjoyed going to. This isn’t really a restaurant review, just me briefly describing a bit of the Boulder food scene.

In the downtown Boulder area is a restaurant called Rueben’s Burger Bistro. If you haven’t guessed already, their specialty is burgers. They also serve other things like chicken wings, soups, mussels and mac n’ cheese (and there is also an extensive selection of domestic and international beers). Rueben’s is part of the ever growing trend of upscale burger joints that has been on the rise for the past decade or so. The city of Boulder has a number of restaurants in this category, and Rueben’s falls somewhere in the middle to upper end of the spectrum, having a feel sort of like a sports bar. The food is higher quality (and by extension, tastier) than you would find at a McDonald’s, and costs a bit more too. Rueben’s has also become a bit popular among people I know for it’s weekday Halfy Hour, where appetizers, wine and certain beers are half priced from 3pm-6pm.

Below are a few photos from a few weeks ago when I last went to Rueben’s.

The outside of Rueben’s, which is on the ground floor of the building.


My meal. The Chimay Red beer behind the burger is one of the very few beers that I can actually drink an entire bottle of (given enough time).

My friends Ben (left) and Clint (right) enjoy some beer and chicken wings during Halfy Hour.

And that’s a quick look at Rueben’s Burger Bistro. I plan on copying over a few more posts like this over the coming days and weeks. Currently there are four entries in this series, and more will be written throughout the year.

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