Time for another edition of A Taste of Boulder, where I talk about some of the places in Boulder that I like to eat at. Today’s post is on Moe’s Broadway Bagel.

If you hadn’t guessed from it’s name, Moe’s Broadway Bagel (referred to as just Moe’s) is a breakfast and lunch establishment that specializes in bagels. It also opens up at 5:30am, which is great for ski days, as you can get a breakfast bagel to fuel up before leaving early in the morning for the mountains. In addition to bagels, you can also enjoy burritos, sandwiches, coffee, tea, rolls, muffins and even pizza. I personally am a fan of their basic breakfast bagel, which is sausage, egg and cheese on a bagel of your choosing (there are about 18 different bagel types to choose from). I normally pick an Italian, cinnamon sugar, garlic or plain bagel, though I’ve tried a several of their other specialty bagels, such as the tongue-drying salt bagel.

Though I normally order food to-go, Moe’s is also good for a sit down meal with friends. Currently, I meet with my friend Eric there every other week at 7:00am, before most of the crowd shows up. Below is a photo of the inside (sorry it’s a bit blurry).

Moe’s is a fairly popular place in Boulder (last year a second Moe’s opened up in another part of town) and if you go there between about 11:00am and 1:30pm you might spend a few minutes in line and have trouble finding a place to sit down inside. Eat from Moe’s a few times, however, and you’ll see why. The food is tasty and the bagel selection is wide enough that anyone can find something they like. Below is a picture of the table Eric and I sat at with our respective orders. He was having a breakfast bagel, I had a breakfast burrito. Note also the Yoohoo, a mysterious chocolate milk imitation product that doesn’t even taste all that good, but for some reason I felt like drinking that morning.

And that’s Moe’s Broadway Bagel, a fine place for a breakfast meet up. Stay tuned for the next edition of A Taste of Boulder.

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