I have a strange affinity for Sprite soda. It’s not my favorite soda, and there’s plenty of other sodas I would pick over it, given the choice, but I’m ok having a Sprite if there’s nothing better to choose from. The problem is, even though I sort of like the taste of Sprite, it leaves a terrible aftertaste in my mouth. The nefarious thing is, the quickest way to get rid of that aftertaste is to have another sip of the same Sprite soda I just sipped a minute ago. I believe there’s a name for this sort of thing; whereby the consumption of something gives a benefit but also causes a problem that can only be solved by more usage of said thing. I don’t know what that’s called, but whoever invented Sprite has done exactly that. I feel like I should be upset, but I just can’t deny the evil genius of Sprite. Congratulations, whoever invented Sprite. You have created the perfect commercial product.

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