This month PlayStation Plus subscribers will get two of the very best PlayStation exclusive games on the PS4: Ratchet and Clank, and Bloodborne. I’ve played Ratchet and Clank already but I’m still going to download it because it’s been one of my favorite games so far of the PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch console generation. Currently it sits at the number two spot on my personal top 10 current generation games. Bloodborne, on the other hand, I’ve not played, but I really ought to give a try at some point in the future. Even though I didn’t much care for the Dark Souls games, which come from the same developer that made Bloodborne, people have told me that Bloodborne is its own game and I might end up liking it even if Dark Souls wasn’t for me. Seeing as how it’s a free download this month I’ve got nothing to lose and I’ll add it to my game library.

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