It was inevitable that I was going to restart my Gamefly account sometime this year as part of Late to the Party, and this Saturday will be the day it happens. Originally I was thinking this would occur around late April or early May, seeing as how I’ve still got a few downloaded games on my PS4 that I haven’t gotten to yet, but Gamefly recently sent me an email offer to restart my account for $1 for the first month and I’ve decided to take it. My plan is to start on their lowest-tier plan of having only one game out at a time and alternate between playing a game from Gamefly and a game on my PS4’s hard drive. Once I’ve finished the last downloaded game I’ll up the plan to have two games out at a time and try to work on one game while waiting for the second to arrive in the mail. The next phase of Season 2 of Late to the Party is officially upon us.

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