Author’s Note: I haven’t written anything about my writing project in a long time, so I decided I’d dedicate this week to sharing some tidbits of what I’ve been up to with it.

I have the names of all the main protagonists of my story nailed down, except for one. This character has a name, and it’s a name that I assigned him long ago and have stuck with for years, but I sometimes wonder if maybe I should change it. His name is Soldner. Actually, that’s not his real name; it’s just what he’s referred to. Most of the characters in my story do not use their real names and have codenames that everyone calls them by. Soldner is a family name that I believe comes from southern Germany, and even though the character is not German himself it’s been the name I gave him years ago. Yes, the name sounds cool, but it has a problem in that it doesn’t fit with the methodology of the names of the other main protagonists. It’s also a victim of the autocorrect issues I wrote about yesterday. Counterbalancing the argument against the name Soldner is the fact that this character has a notable difference from the other main protagonists, so perhaps a unique name makes sense. On top of this I’ve not been able to come up with an alternate name that satisfies me. So, the name stays, at least for the foreseeable future.

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