A little over a year ago I published a post titled “Positive tweets for game developers” in which I briefly wrote about toxicity in social media and my goal to send a positive tweet to each game developer after I finished playing their game. While editing yesterday’s review of Injustice 2 it occurred to me that I ought to give a mini-update to that old post. I quickly scrolled through my Twitter history and although there’s a chance I might have forgot a developer along the way I am otherwise pleased to say that I kept my commitment throughout last year. As expected, the vast majority of tweets I sent out got no response but for one of them I actually got a reply from the developer. Plastic Studios, the developer behind the game Bound, tweeted back at me and I’ve embedded a screenshot of it below. For this coming year I’m going to continue with this habit of sending positive tweets to game developers, even if I end up not liking a game, in the hopes of putting a little positivity into the online world. Twitter may be overrun with trolls, liars, and people with axes to grind, but I’m going to do what I can to let game developers know that their work is appreciated.

Twitter Plastic Screenshot.png

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