Rome Italy
Stalls selling books, calendars, posters, etc.
Rome Italy Ponte Sant’Angelo
Ponte Sant’Angelo
Rome Italy Castel Sant'Angelo
The view of Castel Sant’Angelo from Ponte Sant’Angelo

After walking a short distance down beside the Tiber River we went back up to street level next to the Italian Supreme Court building and then continued along downstream until we got to the area around Castel Sant’Angelo. A bunch of booksellers had set up stalls in the park directly east of the castle and outside a nearby courthouse there was some sort of TV of movie being filmed. I don’t know what exactly they were filming but I’m guessing it was some sort of legal drama. A small crowd of extras was playing the roles of protestors outside the courthouse. We stopped to eat our sandwiches on the benches next to Castel Sant’Angelo and then crossed Ponte Sant’Angelo to the other side of the river. This pedestrian bridge might be the most photogenic one in Rome because it’s got a dozen or so angel statues on it and it offers a great view of Castel Sant’Angelo. It can get crowded, however, and it’s often full of people trying to sell stuff to the tourist crowd.

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