It was early evening when I arrived at Narita Airport in Japan and by the time I got to my accommodations in Tokyo it was well past nightfall. Consequently I didn’t do any sightseeing until the following morning.

Japan Tokyo Asakusa Kaminarimon

Japan Tokyo Asakusa Kaminarimon

Japan Tokyo Asakusa Kaminarimon

Japan Tokyo Asakusa Kaminarimon

On my first full day in Japan I started out in Asakusa, the part of Tokyo that I always seem to end up in. After taking the First Photo from Japan I proceeded to the Kaminarimon Gate. In 2017 the gate was partially covered over for restoration work but when I was there last year it was fully on display. Kaminarimon marks the start of the scenic approach to nearby Sensoji Temple and it’s become something of a symbol for Asakusa as a whole. The gate has burned down many times since its original construction around 942 AD and what we see today is a reconstruction from 1960. In the middle of the gate is a large red lantern that is flanked by two statues of Shinto gods. On the left is Raiji, the god of thunder, and on the right is Fujin, the god of wind. On the underside of the lantern is a wooden dragon carving that a lot of people seem to pass under without noticing.

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